Mystic Blend was created
to share our human-centric approach with others.

We understand that organisations evolve over time. That evolution will throw up challenges.

Our passion lies with helping you navigate those challenges by sharing our
experiences and being that trusted support that can be hard to find from
the busy team around you.

Through education, mentoring and consultation with organisations and 
individuals, we help grow and evolve their creative impact on the world
through supporting their leaders and teams.

Here are some challenges we have solved for others.

Breaking the power hierarchy.

Working in a hierarchy based system can have it’s advantages, but we are seeing more and more organisations move to ‘flatter’ structures that promote autonomy and self-management. We wholeheartedly support this but the transition can require a wholesale evaluation of everything, which can be daunting
Our approach helps ensure that you retain the correct level of corporate responsibility, so that the business retains decorum, whilst at the same time helping develop policies, structures and tools that allow you to operate without that hierarchy.

Let go, trust, grow.

As an owner, making the change from controlling every part of your business to employing others to do it for you, can be really challenging.
Our coaching helps you navigate the stages, helping you look at approaches that enable you to build a leadership mindset of trust.

Happy staff, happy life.

A key part of a conscious organisation is their approach to staff engagement and well-being. If you are a growing business but feel that your growth is impacting on moral or well-being, it might be time to act.
We can help you install tools that gauge where your teams pain points may be, and then guide you on devising initiatives to help target those issues.

Surfing the wave of change.

Sudden or large changes in teams can throw up all kinds of dynamics and collaboration issues.
We can help you re-engage with your teams by developing strong culture-building tools along with helping make sure they have a firm base of values to build upon.

To evolve the consciousness
of organisations

That’s Our Purpose.

We believe in helping organisations to think about more than just their bottom line. Being values based and human focussed can coexist with being financially driven and goals orientated. In fact, we would argue that, through improving your organisation’s ‘consciousness’ you will see benefits across all aspects of your business.
But what do we mean by consciousness?

The Mystic Blend model.

We apply human characteristics to organisations all the time.
We believe we can do the same with consciousness. It is a strongly held belief that a more conscious existence is a better existence for individuals, and we feel the same applies to organisations.

The four quadrants.

To help explain how we define consciousness, within an organisation, we have developed our own AQAL matrix tool.
Essentially we are considering an organisation from two perspectives.

1. How the organisation sees itself, and what its intention is.

2. How the organisation is seen from the outside. The tangible.

We break this down further into the four quadrants. Each quadrant is given a combination of viewpoints and is assigned a topic.

Topics and the journey.

From here we then break down each quadrant into sub-topics. These topics are all potential areas for an organisations internal ‘make-up’. Each topic supports the quadrants main topic.
The final layer demonstrates how developed each sub-topic may be. Towards the middle of the matrix we have a theoretical understanding of the topic. The next layer out considers levels of implementation and the third measures integration.
This 3 step process is the learning process organisations will follow for each topic. When all are truly integrated, we would consider the organisation to be fully conscious.

Meet the people
who will be supporting
you on your journey.

We hold the idea of a human approach at the heart of all that we do, so it’s very important to us to introduce ourselves and give you a really clear insight into who you’ll be working closely with.


Victoria is a qualified accountant with over 20 years of finance experience, primarily in the creative industry, but also within the beauty and construction industries too. As Rosie Lee’s Finance Director she has helped develop rigorous financial processes and standards, vital to its success.
Understanding that every company is unique and will want to work in a manor most suited to them, she is excited to share her experiences and support with other leaders. Allowing them the freedom and peace of mind to focus on what they do best.


Russell joined the Rosie Lee Group in 2003, and has been deeply involved in the organisation’s progress in all of its evolutionary stages.
From 2012 onwards, when he moved to Frome in Somerset, he began taking an interest in supporting other companies across a spectrum of topics. Over the years he has sat on the board of 7 organisations inside and outside of the group and consulted with many more.
Most recently he has been enjoying developing knowledge and theories about the future of organisations and applying a holistic approach to developing those he supports.


As a sociable fellow, often to be found leading the charge for post work drinks, he has found this has approachable and conversational nature have made him an effective listener.
Most recently he has explored the benefits of people focussed HR along with the theories of self management and emotional intelligence in the work place.

Interested to know more
and see what we can do for you?