To help get you started, we have produced a few tools and introductory quizzes.

Sometimes you may not be at the point where you need direct support. You may
just be beginning your research and exploration. Below you will find some handy
tools to help kick start things.

We hope to expand this collection over time, if you’d like to be kept up to
date of any new tools we develop, just leave us you email address by
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As with any kind of development or growth,
it starts with an honest assessment
of today’s reality – organisational self-awareness.


No matter where you are with your
understanding of emotional intelligence,
our ice breaker will start to probe your
current situation and provide you with
some free analysis to help
you plan your next step.


This great little exercise will help you
discover more about yourself. Through
a mixture of self-reflection and vocabulary
expansion, you’ll learn how to better
express yourself and begin to build
more effective connections with others.


A perfect balance of wisdom, honesty,
humility and self-confidence. That is
what we strive for in achieving a strong
level of self-awareness. Take the quiz
to see where you need to put your energy.


Making others feel and making them
feel ‘heard’ and understood helps build
strong and meaningful connections.

See how your current empathy skills
stack up and get a summary of
future focus points.

Interested to know more
and see what we can do for you?