Being in a position of leadership is challenging, and sometimes lonely.
Although it’s a tedious analogy, we cannot think of a better one than spinning plates. There are so many areas that require your attention. Every time you focus your energy on one particular area you might find that other areas gradually weaken.
In smaller organisations we need to be able cover a huge range of topics requiring wildly different modes of thought. We’re the catch-all when an area of work doesn’t sit nicely in someone else’s job description.
The transition from having a single team to multiple teams can be complex and the gradual shift from wholly personal 1×1 relationships to ‘organisational architecture’ can be daunting.

How we help break down the complexity.

We help leaders organise their thoughts by using our Organisational Model.
The model has four quadrants and each quadrant holds a series of topics that support the quadrants main focus.
We believe that leaders need to consider all of these areas at some point, but we have found this order is typical for those undertaking the journey form inception to growth.


Purpose, Vision,
Values –

who your organisation is, what it wants to be,
how it shows up, what it believes in, and the
impact it is trying to create in the world.


Strategy, Growth
Finance –

what success looks like, how strategy is defined,
used and measured, how the organisation and
its purpose is measured and tracked.


Policy, Governance,
Self-Management –

how ‘rules’ are documented and shared, authority
to make change, empowerment for employees
to determine their own future and that
of the organisation.


Wholeness, Emotional Intelligence,
Non-violent communication –

how authentic your employees are to their true selves,
how aligned their own purpose is to the organisation,
how much they believe in their work, how they behave
and how they relate to each other.

The Four Steps of your journey.

Step 1

Assess Today’s Reality.

As with any kind of development or growth, it starts with an honest assessment of today’s reality – organisational self-awareness.
Most people naturally lean towards one or two of the quadrants above, which can create blind spots in the other quadrants. With experience, listening to others, and a mindful approach we can learn more about where we can create the most impact with our attention.
You may think that you already have a sense of what your organisation needs but we do all have blind spots.
We’ve developed a simple questionnaire that will help you assess how you are doing based on the model above. You’ll be sent a report outlining your improvement areas along with learning resources and suggested actions.
By regularly checking in and assessing your progress you can more easily create a roadmap for your work that will create a difference.

Step 2

Create Priorities.

Where will you focus your attention next?

It doesn’t need to be as simple as choosing the area where you scored the least. Sometimes your intuition will guide you, and sometimes it will feel like there is an order, where one line needs to be developed before another one.
Once you understand where your organisation needs are you can plan your next move.

Step 3

Understand the journey.

Using the questionnaire results, or your own assessment, you should have a good handle on which stage of development you are at.

Take a look at the chart below:
You need to evolve through these stages, it isn’t easy to skip a step – and development takes time.

If you understand which stage you are at then you can easily understand what the next stage is.

If you’re at Stage 2 then focus your energy on stage 3.

Step 4

Decide if you want support.

At Mystic Blend we have many years of leadership experience working with creative organisations. We have developed the model above and can help with each quadrant, line and stage.
All of this is doable on your own without support, there are great learning resources out there which we’re also happy to share. However, getting help will improve the quality of your first attempt, increase speed and can make confidence from employees more likely.
The first help we can offer is our questionnaire. It’s free to use, you’ll be emailed a personalised report with an assessment of improvement areas, learning resources
and suggested actions.

There is no commitment to do anything with us after you’ve received your report but if you are interested in learning more then we’re offer a
free initial 45 minute consultation
to discuss your results and what you might do next.
Once you’ve decided where you will focus your attention we can help with either a learning course based on the lines you’re interested in and the sage you’re at, or we can
facilitate a process of discovery / implementation to help get you to the next stage.

A series of one-on-ones for us to mentor and support you in your efforts.

If you want to know more, or want to discuss the framework then please get in touch with Russell.

Interested to know more
and see what we can do for you?