Your organisation’s finances
are second only to your people.

We understand that although the team around you needs to be prioritised, none of it is possible without a robust understanding of, and care for, your money.
Sometimes the two can pull against each other, but our approach is intended to help strike a better balance between the needs of your people and your P&L.

is a thing.

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

Forecast, plan, analyse, review, update.

A common practice that is just as important to undertake on your finances as any other part of your business.

We have experienced the nuanced rigours of financial strategy from boutique agencies to global groups. No matter your situation or aspirations we will help you find a balance that doesn’t force you to pit your pennies against your people.

Key Support

These are the key areas in which our support will be focussed. We will work with you to firstly understand why each one is important and then on setting them up.

Bespoke Annual & Quarterly forecasting.

Establishing relevant KPIs to help track strategic goals.

Reporting of monthly, quarterly & annual results.

Software infrastructure to support key processes such as Payroll.

for you

We know it can be hard to afford the personnel costs for non-billable roles. The result being owners or leaders feel pressured to take on a finance director role on top of all of their other responsibilities.

Therefore we have deliberately made our support as flexible as you need it to be, offering a ‘by the hour’ service to make sure you are only paying for exactly what you need at that specific moment in time.

Interested to know more
and see what we can do for you?