In the same way that organisations value intellectual intelligence, they are now beginning to understand the power and importance of developing their emotional intellect.
As culture, science, business and society evolve, we are seeing an ever increasing appreciation, for a side of humanity that has been neglected; a person’s feelings. Their emotional wellbeing and their mental health are now all being given the time and energy they deserve.
The benefits of nurturing and caring for people in this more holistic way are already being witnessed, and organisations that continue to ignore the signs may well find themselves losing great people from their ranks.
Developing your emotional intelligence will enhance your overall ability to handle ‘life’. It teaches us a litany of skills that we call on regularly throughout our days.
By improving these skills we become better colleagues and collaborators, better managers and leaders. We start to learn how to connect with each other in kinder, healthier ways.

– Better Communicators

– More Empathetic

– Reflection & Analysis

– Greater Resilience

– Self honesty

– Follow up Ice breaker quizzes to assess improvements.

– Post course support to discuss ongoing the application of the new skills.

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For those who may already
know a bit about EIQ.

We also offer our Key 5 EIQ Topics,
individually, in a bit more depth.

1. Self Awareness

Find it.

2. Communication

Improve it.

3. Empathy

Understand it.


Accept it
(in development)


Appreciate it
(in development)

Looking to reconnect with your teams?

Never before has employee engagement been so important. We face unprecedented situations with our teams, learning how to remain connected and express our commitment to their well being.

Having lost a certain amount of ‘in-person’ contact we are looking for ways to understand how our people are feeling, to stay on top of what is motivating them or causing them difficulties.

We believe Emotional Intelligence can be a powerful skill in this mission, as it teaches us different ways of understanding each other.

EIQ provides everyone an opportunity to explore their emotions and behaviours, creating the tools that help accommodate each other’s personalities and traits. Ultimately allowing individuals to gain deeper insights into their colleagues and develop new ways of connecting and supporting each other.

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